"Rhyme Charm" provides alerts from your handbag

HTC Rhymes aims to Charm the ladies

HTC’s new female-focused smartphone the HTC Rhyme will be arriving in the UK exclusively on the O2 network.

The ‘plum’ coloured HTC Rhyme is a 3.7-inch Android Gingerbread-powered phone with a "Rhyme Charm" accessory which provides visual indication of calls and email/text alerts via a coloured cube on the end of a cord.

While men are often served adequately by vibrating phones in their pockets and jackets, a mobile phone inside a ladies handbag is inconveniently insulated from handy vibrations. The charm is designed to hang outside of a handbag which "emits a soft glow when you receive a call or text message," HTC said.

HTC are also to offer other accessories such as a wireless Bluetooth headset and a docking station alarm clock accessory.

The HTC Rhyme will arrive on October the 17th on the O2 network.

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