Popular electronics platform steps up from 8-bit era

Arduino beefs up with 32-bit ARM

Popular enthusiast DIY micro controller platform Arduino has announced a new ARM-powered version called the Arduino Due.

Arduino is the name given to bare-bones micro controller prototyping platform based on 8-bit micro controllers from Atmel. Despite the low powered CPU clocked at just 16MHz clock speed, the Arduino platform is a extremely popular platform worldwide among education and enthusiast users.

At the Maker Faire in New York, Italy-based Arduino unveiled two new platforms, one of which is a new low-cost Arduino board called the Leonardo but the big news is the announcement of the Arduino Due based on a 32-bit Cortex-M3 ARM processor.

In the same form factor as the larger Arduino Mega-style boards, the Arduino Due is clocked at 96MHz with 256Kb of Flash, 50Kb of Sram, 5 SPI buses, 2 I2C interfaces, 5 UARTS, 16 Analog Inputs and more.

"After Maker Faire, we will begin selling a small batch of Developer Edition boards on the Arduino store for members of the community who want to be join the development effort. We plan a final and tested release by the end of 2011," posted Arduino rep Massimo on the Arduino blog.

Arduino typically makes and sells official boards but also publish the layout and circuits which in turn give rise to a number of clones arriving from other manufacturers.

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