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Microsoft to take 30 per cent cut of Windows 8 Metro Apps

Microsoft will reportedly seek an Apple App Store-like 30 per cent cut of software revenue of new Windows 8 Metro UI applications.

The firm had previously announced that Windows applications sold via the Windows Store would not take any such cut. Paul Thurrott’s Windows Weekly podcast revealed Windows Store terms and conditions that reportedly suggest that apps made for Windows 8’s new ‘Metro’ UI will see the software giant pick up 30 per cent of sales.

Windows 8 will remain compatible with non-Metro desktop style applications so it appears that developers will have a choice of either making a Metro app and paying Microsoft or taking the entire cut and going with Windows classic.

Microsoft did, however, announced that the firm will not be limiting the Metro store from offering products from competitors including those that deliver paid-for content such as Amazon’s Kindle and Apple’s own iTunes store.

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