FPS and RTS versions of gaming keyboards and mice

Corsair launches Vengeance gaming peripherals

PC enthusiast hardware specialist Corsair announced a new range of Vengeance PC gaming peripherals including two gaming keyboards and two laser-based gaming mice.

Interestingly Corsair is taking a gaming-genre based approach with the products in the Vengeance range. The Corsair Vengeance K60 and M60 keyboard and mouse combination is aimed first-person shooters while the K90 and M90 is aimed at real-time strategy and MMO gaming.

"As enthusiastic gamers ourselves, we’ve developed precisely the products we always wanted, with a level of quality we have not seen before," said Corsair components boss Ruben Mookerjee.

"We’re confident that our Vengeance gaming keyboards and mice will give you a competitive edge. Whether you prefer the immersion and intensity of MMO and RTS, or the adrenaline-fueled combat of FPS, our goal is to help you win."

The Vengeance K60 keyboard features Cherry MX Red mechanical key switches which the firm says delivers more agile movement and faster multi-taps. The K60 also offers a contoured left-wrist rest and specially shaped and textured WASD keys.

The M60 mouse offers a "enthusiast-grade" Avago 5700 DPI sensor with on-the-fly resolution switching.

Since RTS and MMO gamers look to more buttons than WASD, the Vengeance K90 has keys that are "individually backlit with a cool blue LED that can be adjusted to three different levels of intensity." There’s also 18 dedicated "macro keys" that can be programmed in software.

As you’d expect the RTS/MMO M90 mouse is similarly bristling with buttons featuring 15 fully programmable buttons.

The Vengeance K90 gaming keyboard has an MSRP in the US of $129 and the K60 has an MSRP of $109. The Vengeance M90 gaming mouse has an MSRP of $79 and the M60 will go for $69.

The Vengeance range is set to arrive in October worldwide.

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