Follows heavy media interest in Intel and Microsoft demos

Ultrabook makers to ramp up production

Far Eastern notebook appear to have warmed to Intel’s ultrabook design following the firm’s IDF developer forum.

Far Eastern manufacturing industry sources told the DigiTimes that Asus will unveil ultrabook models in ‘early October’ and that the firm’s ultrabook shipments will begin at the 100,000 mark in September and ramp up beyond.

Other manufacturers such as Toshiba have also booked production of the Portege Z830 ultrabook to ODM manufacturers Compal and Quanta.

Previously industry sources cited by the DigiTimes had expressed caution on Intel’s upmarket netbook/downmarket ultraportable concept both in terms of consumer demand and the ability of the manufacturers to hit Intel’s sub-$1,000 price goal.

It seems that the worldwide press afforded to a range of sleek high power and reasonably priced ultrabooks has renewed enthusiasm among the manufacturing industry, possibly also buoyed by Microsoft’s demonstration of ultrabooks running Windows 8.

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