It will even work on x86 Android, they say

Intel and McAfee unveil DeepSafe hardware-assisted security

Intel-owned McAfee unveiled a new security technology called DeepSafe which relies on features in Intel hardware to deliver a greater degree of protection than software-only approaches.

At a briefing during the Intel Developer Conference, McAfee showed off the new DeepSafe technology which, the firm said, provides protection beneath the level of the operating system. The company anticipates that a number of hardware-assisted security products will arrive which can take advantage of the ‘deeper’ security footprint.

"McAfee DeepSAFE uses hardware features already in the Intel processors to provide security beyond the OS. From this unique vantage point, DeepSafe can apply new techniques to deliver a whole new generation of protection in real time to prevent malicious activity and not just detect infections," McAfee co-chief Todd Gebhart.

The technology, currently in beta testing, was said to operate with Windows 7 but will also run with Windows 8 when it arrives.

The company launched a web site to provide more information at McAfee DeepSafe.

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