VIDEO: Walkthrough of upcoming ultrabook designs

IDF: Intel sets out ultrabook future

Chipmaker Intel has demonstrated a collection of forthcoming ultrabook PCs at the Intel Developer Conference.

Intel PC client boss Mooly Eden spoke at Wednesday’s keynote address adding that the firm’s new Ivy Bridge chips would usher in a new wave of lighter and lower power ultrabook devices.

Eden appeared to set ultrabook devices apart from an unspecified class of devices he described as ‘consumption devices’, presumably tablet computers. "I like the consumption devices, they are beautiful but we are not just consuming any more. We need to be able to do some creation as well," he said.

Intel and Microsoft have both played off their respective new product unveilings. Microsoft already showed off a number of ultrabooks running Windows 8 at the firm’s Build developer conference but Eden again demonstrated an Acer Aspire S3 ultrabook running the developer preview of Microsoft’s ‘reimagined’ Windows 8.

While ultrabooks based on Sandy Bridge will arrive in time for Christmas, Ivy bridge will appear next year. The upcoming Haswell chip, due in 2013, will offer the even further performance and power gains, Intel said.

Intel posted a YouTube video walk through of the collection of ultrabook designs on show:

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