VIDEO: Welcomes back FX brand with extreme overclocking

AMD claims world record 8.429GHz clock speed record

AMD announced that the new FX processor set a Guinness World Record for the highest frequency computer processor.

Late last month AMD managed to overclock an unspecified FX-model CPU to 8.429GHz after several days of preparation. The record surpasses the previous record of 8.309GHz of a 5-year-old Intel single-core Celeron D 352.

AMD also achieved speeds in excess of 5GHz using only air-cooling.

"We invited the insightful and relentless overclocker Brian McLachlan for initial testing, to validate the AMD FX CPUs overclocking potential and respond to a combination of extreme cold and high voltage overclocking," said AMD marketing man Simon Solotko.

"To our satisfaction AMD FX processors passed the first tests, overclocking with liquid nitrogen at temperatures below -180 degrees centigrade. We could find no cold bug, the bane of overclockers, which often stops modern processors from functioning in extremely cold conditions."

"We ran through three staged systems in a demonstration for the press. On the third run, everything went perfectly, and a world record fell."

"Welcome back, AMD FX," said Solotko of the new "Bulldozer" architecture enthusiast processor brand.

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