Will the real benchmarks please stand up?

AMD FX-series ‘Bulldozer’ pricing leaked

Leaked pricing has appeared for upcoming AMD high-end FX processors based on the new Bulldozer core, revealing processors set to cost between $188 (£118) and $266 (£168).

CPU World managed to catch US reseller Bottom Line publishing pricing for the new six and eight core AMD FX line of processors ahead of the official launch.

The six-core FX-6100 running at 3.3GHz with 3.9GHz turbo and 6MB of L2 cache appeared priced at $188.32, around £118, while the eight core FX-8120 clocked at 3.1GHz with 4GHz turbo and 8MB of L2 cache is priced at $221.73 or £139.

The high end FX-8150, again an eight-core processor, clocked at 3.6GHz with 4.2GHz turbo and the same 8MB of L2 cache tops out at $266.28 or £168 British shekels.

Anandtech pointed out that AMD’s processor design is something between Intel’s HyperThreading implementation and a true "dual-core" design with each pair of processors sharing some hardware components.

Either way the pricing looks attractive for so many cores at these kinds of frequencies. The full value wont be known until real benchmarks appear. Leaked Bulldozer benchmarks previously appearing have been shown to be fakes.

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