Lowers 2012 forecast due to lack of iPad competition

2011 tablet sales surge says analyst

Tablet sales to surge to 51.9 million units in 2011 according to JP Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz.

Apple fan site AppleInsider gleefully reported Moskowitz as saying that Apple "continues to dominate and enjoy the lion’s share of the tablet market" and that a true iPad rival may not emerge until Windows 8.

JP Morgan revised their tablet sales forecast from 46.1 million to 51.9 million in 2011 but lowered the forecast for 2012 from 76.3 million to 72.4 million due to the slow start to iPad tablet competition.

Moskowitz described the expected Amazon Android-based tablet as no more than "interesting". Reports have emerged that Amazon’s manufacturing partner Quanta expects to ship 3 million of the devices this year.

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