Eric Schmidt spills the beans on upcoming OS

Android Ice Cream Sandwich before the end of the year

Google Chairman and ex-CEO Eric Schmidt said that the next generation Android dubbed Ice Cream Sandwich will arrive in October or November.

Making the comments at the Dreamforce conference in an interview with boss Marc Benioff, Schmidt revealed the next Android version could arrive somewhat sooner than expected.

However it should be noted that Schmidt has often in the past described previous releases of Android as being ‘weeks’ away when in fact they turned out to be months away.

The actual version number of the next-gen Android is not yet known but what is known is that it will combine the tablet-friendly UI features of Honeycomb and roll those back into an operating system suitable for smartphones.

Previous major Android releases have coincided with a new reference hardware phone, this time around the rumoured device is being dubbed the Nexus Prime.

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