Run multiple operating systems on the same PC

Windows 8 to gain Hyper-V virtualisation tech

Microsoft is to bundle Hyper-V virtualisation with standard versions of Windows 8 according to a new post on the Building Windows 8 blog.

The latest engineering post has revealed that standard consumer versions of Windows 8 will come with the Hyper-V virtualisation technology that allows multiple operating systems to run on the same PC. Previously the feature was limited to Microsoft’s Windows Server OS.

"Whether you are a software developer, an IT administrator, or simply an enthusiast, many of you need to run multiple operating systems, usually on many different machines," said Microsoft Hyper-V team lead Mathew John.

"We also know that many of you use virtualisation to try out new things without risking changes to the PC you are actively using."

John pointed out that Microsoft operating systems running within a Hyper-V virtual PC still need to be licensed. That’ll be more money for Microsoft then.

Windows engineering chief Steven Sinofsky said of the recent deluge of detailed feature announcements on the Building Windows 8 Blog that the firm intends to "return to more sustainable pace."

"Sorry if we inadvertently set expectations a bit too high. We’re getting ready for BUILD full time right now!"

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