Competition heats up in the low-end market

AMD launch new dual-core Llano APUs

AMD has launched a pair of new LLano Fusion APUs, the A4-3400 and the A4-3300, the first dual-core versions of the higher end quad-core models.

Priced at just $64 and $69 for the 2.5GHz and 2.7GHz processors respectively, Anandtech said that the chips "should still result in performance competitive with Intel’s Sandy Bridge Pentiums."

Armed with integrated Radeon HD 6410 graphics parts with 160 GPU cores, the new processors work in existing Socket FM1 motherboards and will bolster AMD’s competitive offering in the low-end mainstream PC market.

If the performance is in line with previous tests of AMD APUs then one might expect solid graphics performance ahead of Intel’s similarly priced parts but CPU performance lagging somewhat behind.

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