Aimed at hot and bothered gaming laptops

Thermaltake laptop coolers, choose your bling

Enthusiast PC cooling provider Thermaltake unveiled a new laptop cooling pad designed to cool down those high performance gaming computers.

Supporting 10-inch to 17-inch laptops. the Thermaltake Massive23 GT is armed with a mini USB and dual USB ports, 200mm red LED fan, fan speed control knob and varying angle adjustment.

The Massive23 GT also has an anti-slip rubber design built into the swish black metal mesh chassis.

Thermaltake launched another laptop cooler with a bit less bling called the LifeCool. The LifeCool has similar features but had a rather more plain design with a blue LED fan underneath. 

The Massive23 GT looks like something from Doom while the LifeCool is more reminscent of something from Aperture Science but hopefully less homicidal.

The firm didn’t release any pricing or availability.

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