Beta version of NAS software attracts 60,000 downloads

Synology announces new DiskStation Manager 3.2

NAS firm Synology has announced the official release of DiskStation Manager 3.2.

Synology DSM is free to download for users who own a DiskStation x08 series and onward. You can find the download site here. In 40 days, the beta version of the program managed to get a whopping 60,000 downloads.

“The NAS server’s evolution accelerates with the launch of DSM 3.2,” said Rosiel Lee, product manager of Synology. “DSM 3.2 features a wealth of advances to streamline resources management, integrate new technologies and create a more engaging user experience.”

Some of the new features of the operating system include: Business convergence and management efficiency; Business mobility; Rich multi-media experience; Mac-friendly solutions; and an enhanced user experience with a revamped Package Centre.

You can see a live demo over on the Synology site here.

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