Software firm believes voice will become an essential part of computing

Nuance says technology is set to get talkative

Speech recognition company Nuance says voice technology is about to get a whole lot louder.

Sales director Neil Grant explained to PCR that to some extent, speech recognition software for consumers has been hampered so far by a lack of computing power – but that’s beginning to change.

He commented: “It’s only been over the last few years that computers have had the additional power to run the complex processes required – now there’s a better and more user-friendly experience available, with quicker results, and less training needed to use the software in the first place.”

The firm’s flagship product for PC – Dragon NaturallySpeaking – is now on version 11.5 and said to be more accurate than ever.

As the technology evolves, Grant believes we’ll see more voice integration in computers generally. “The keyboard and mouse were always traditional input methods for getting data into your computer. We’re now moving into this more multi-modal set of possibilities, where we have touch, we have speech, we have gesture and all of these things will come together.

“It’s all about improving the way people work, making it smarter, easier, faster. Where it’s faster to touch you’ll do that, and where it’s faster to talk, you’ll do that.”

You can read more about Nuance and Dragon NaturallySpeaking in our full interview with Neil Grant here.

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