Search engine adorns front page with animation of the Queen front man on his birthday

Google pays tribute to Freddie Mercury

Google is celebrating Queen front man Freddie Mercury’s birthday by dedicating its front page to the rock legend.

The search engine often replaces its main logo with a topical image, though it has gone a little further this time with a full blown animation. It starts with the band on stage performing, and quickly turns into a Super Mario style scene involving Mercury fighting aliens in a space ship.

The celebrated vocalist would have been 65 today.

According to Google, the first time it changed its logo in this way was very early in the search engine’s life, when its two founders wanted to put up a kind of ‘out of office’ indicating they were both attending a festival for the weekend and wouldn’t be able to fix any technical issues.

It soon began turning over its logo to novelty themes on a regular basis, usually in conjunction with public holidays.

You can check out the animation on

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