Turkish group declares 'World Hackers Day'

The Reg, Vodafone, Telegraph, Acer sites down in hack attack

A number of websites have been hacked and defaced by a Turkish hacking group TurkGuvenligi, describing the 4th of September as ‘World Hackers Day’.

A raft of domains appear to have been defaced by TurkguvenLigi including major British IT news web site The Register, the newspaper the Telegraph, Vodafone, UPS and BetFair.

The Register, Telegraph and Acer web sites were not responding. IT Igloo pointed out that the hack appears to be some sort of DNS hijack and that the domains were being redirected to name servers at the yumurtakabugu.com domain.

The defaced sites displayed a black web page featuring a red TurkGuvenligi and a subtitle of "Gel Babana" or "Come to Papa" in Turkish. The site also directed to the group’s Twitter account which posted a message in Turkish that translates as "Turk who says: how joyous!"

Unfortunately DNS disruptions often cannot be rectified quickly as the authentic address first needs to circulate around the world’s DNS caches.

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