Aims to beat 2015 20% market share forecast

Microsoft unveills Windows Phone marketing and training drive

Microsoft claims that the firm’s Windows Phone will capture more than 20 per cent of the market over the coming years following the release of the ‘Mango’ update and an accelerated marketing programme.

The firm’s new ‘Mango’ updated Windows Phone OS will first arrive in the HTC handsets the Titan and Radar, set to appear on the first of October. Microsoft’s Windows Phone marketing chief Achim Berg said the market could expect advertising campaigns around those handsets.

Berg also said that HTC was partnering with Microsoft in training retail sales forces in order to best demonstrate Windows Phone powered smartphones.

Appearing to acknowledge the sluggish start to Windows Phone against rivals Apple and Google, Berg said: "this is a completely new platform, it takes time," adding that it took time for Android and Apple to gain success.

"We have to show that we’re very capable and that we have the fastest and easiest phone."

Gartner and IDC predicted that Windows Phone would capture around 20 per cent of the market by 2015. Microsoft called the forecast ‘conservative’.

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