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Intel denies MeeGo no-go

Following an earlier DigiTimes report that claimed Intel planned to pull back from development of MeeGo Intel said it remained "committed" to the firm’s smartphone and tablet OS.

The DigiTimes described a "lack of enthusiasm" for the operating system that was formerly a joint venture between Intel and Nokia. Nokia has since thrown in their lot with Microsoft and Windows Phone, casting doubt on the future of the Linux-based OS.

Intel first issued a denial directly to the DigiTimes, saying that "remains committed to MeeGo and will continue to work with the community to develop and help meet the needs of customers and end users with open source."

The firm apparently delivered the same canned response to CNET. Some manufacturers however have shown at least a little interest in the OS with Asus planning a netbook ‘reboot’ with the Asus Eee PC X101.

As MeeGo represents an effort to provide an alternative lightweight mobile and tablet OS that runs on Intel’s X86 architecture. As such its fortunes in the mobile market seem at least as much to do with Intel’s ability to deliver cost effective low power alternatives to ARM.

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