Apple in-store fixtures to go up on the 21st

Best Buy leaks suggest early October iPhone 5 preorders

Leaked details from US retail giant Best Buy point towards an introduction of Apple’s iPhone 5 towards the end of October with the retailer planning preorders during the first week.

A number of reports have surfaced that indicate an October appearance of the iPhone 5 including the Wall Street Journal. Leaked information from Best Buy was quoted by BGR as pointing towards a ‘product introduction’ and pre-sales during the first week.

Thisismynext published a capture of a Best Buy intranet screen which described the installation of an Apple fixture on the 21st of October.

In other Apple rumours, Macrumours ordered third-party cases for the iPhone 5 which naturally reflect the physical shape of the next-gen iPhone 5, assuming the third party manufacturers know something everyone else doesn’t.

Leaks from Apple’s contract manufacturers to case makers have been commonplace in the past although they’ve also resulted in the prosecution of staff at Foxconn’s facilities in China.

Despite earlier reports of a sub 4-inch screen, the third party case points to a thin iPhone 5 with a screen of around 4-inches in size.

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