No Google app anywhere to be found

Amazon $250 Android ‘Kindle’ to appear in November

Further details on Amazon’s upcoming Android-powered tablets have emerged, describing the colour-screened 7-inch device simply as the ‘Amazon Kindle’.

TechCrunch’s MG Siegler said "I’ve seen it and used it", adding that a condition of hands-on time with Amazon’s new hardware was that no pictures would be taken. Nevertheless Siegler reveals much of Amazon’s move into the Android hardware space.

Siegler painted a picture of a cut-price Android tablet with no camera or 3G and with a highly customised ‘fork’ of Android sans any Google software. Services such as the Kindle Reader, Cloud Player, Amazon’s Instant Video and the firm’s own Android App Store will completely displace offerings from Android authors Google.

The Amazon tablet is set to go on sale for $250 at the end of November, Siegler said. "I suspect it will be on many people’s holiday wish-list this year," said Siegler.

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