ONS report also points to wi-fi hotspot explosion

Nearly half of Brits use mobile for the web

The UK Office for National Statistics said that almost half of UK internet users are hitting the web from mobile devices.

The ONS revealed in the 2011 annual report (pdf) that 45 per cent of those surveyed said that they used the web on the go while perhaps unsurprisingly 71 per cent of 16-24 year-olds used mobiles.

The use of wireless hotspots has virtually exploded with almost double that of 2010, up to 4.9 million users. The percentage of homes with internet access also increased with the figure put at 77 per cent of British households in 2011, up from 73 per cent last year.

"There have been significant changes in the way people connect to the Internet in recent years," said the ONS in the report.

"Social networking proved to be the most popular activity among 16 to 24 year old Internet users in 2011, with 91 per cent saying they took part in social networking on websites such as Facebook or Twitter."

"Overall, social networking was more popular among women, at 60 per cent, than men, at 54 per cent," said the ONS report.

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