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FT dumps iPad/iPhone apps and heads to the web

The Financial Times has withdrawn the paper’s iPhone and iPad apps from the Apple platform following a break down in negotiations over retaining customer information for subscriptions.

After Apple enacted a policy that insisted that all iOS apps sell subscriptions via the iTunes Store, banning publishers even from linking external web stores, the FT had been trying to convince Apple to provide customer details for subscribers.

Having apparently failed, the FT has instead decided to pursue a web-based service based on the open HTML5 standard which works on any device.

Reuters said the FT’s digital subscription base received a hefty boost from the launch of the iPad, up 35 per cent to 230,000 in the first half of the year.

Apple’s insistance of a 30 per cent cut of revenue and a tight grasp on customer data has further convinced the Pearson-owned FT that the web is the best way to go for mobile.

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