Skills shortage leaves firms worried about losing staff

Report warns of British tech ‘brain drain’

Research has found that a majority of medium sized tech companies in the UK feel they are at risk of losing skilled employees

Insurance outfit Zurich published a Technology Hazard Warning Report that revealed how worried medium sized tech firms are about losing key technical talent. The report urged that companies ‘develop’ remuneration packages, Eg. pay more for skilled staff.

"The research shows that employers in the technology industry are suffering from brain drain and fear this even more for the future, losing skilled employees to overseas competitors, which provide a richer, more challenging environment for them to work in," said Zurich market underwriter Geoff White.

"We also know that less students are choosing to study technology-based A-Levels and degrees, which means the talent pool has shrunk for entry level positions," White told V3.

The findings from Zurich follow Google Chairman Eric Schmidt’s comments last week during the MacTaggard lecture where he said he was ‘flabbergasted’ to learn that the British education system no longer teaches computer science at the middle school level.

Image: Oxford Computer Science Open Days

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