Now you can whinge about the 601 to Southwold

FixMyTransport crowd sources public transport problems

A new website has appeared which aimed at improving public transport in Britain by allowing users to report problems across the nation’s public transport network.

With a slogan of "Euston, we have a problem", FixMyTransport is "a site specially built for public transport users in Britain who want to make public transport better for us all," according to the new launch message.

The site allows public transport users to post a report which then seeks support from like-minded passengers but so far the site has filled with a stream of reports with virtually no support from anyone other than the author of the post.

The fact that someone, somewhere, will be unhappy with some aspect of their local public transport is hardly a revelation. One such example is a user calling for an extra Sunday 601 bus to Southwold.

Presumably the site is hoping to attain a critical mass so that the most serious issues do crop up with plenty of support.

The site does offer a local map service which allows clicking on stations and bus stops. There’s even an option to "say something nice". 

Saying something nice on the internet? What next, a positive comment on a news story? Madness.

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