VIDEO: Dust has never looked this good

Valve unveils Counter Strike Global Offensive

Valve announced the a sequel to the iconic multiplayer action game Counter Strike with a video of gameplay footage.

What could be credited with having started the gaming revolution of squad-based tactical multiplayer gaming, Counter Strike has been one of the most enduring of online shooters since it arrived as a humble third-party mod for Half-Life way back in 2000.

The mod team was snapped up by Half-Life maker Valve and refashioned with the firms updated Half-Life 2 engine into Counter Strike Source, still an extremely popular game today.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive will offer the next major engine overhaul for the game and will offer remakes of much loved maps including the dust, nuke and office maps.

Interestingly Valve intend to let games across platforms fight it out with cross-platform play on PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Lest the PC crowd dish out the usual keyboard and mouse domination, the PS3 version will apparently support the traditional FPS control scheme too.

See Valve’s debut trailer for CS:GO below:

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