Analysts say quad-core beast not due to Q2 2012

Late arrival of Apple A6 chip could delay iPad 3

Apple’s next-generation A6 processor may not arrive until later in 2012 according to analysts from mobile technology analysts the Linley Group.

Rumours have so far suggested that the Arm A6 is based on a quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor and will use Taiwanese fab outfit TSMC’s 28nm ‘3D’ fabrication technology akin to Intel’s process.

Linley analyst Kevin Krewell said that they believe the final version of the mobile superchip will not go into production until the second half of next year "at the earliest," they said.

"This pace would make the A6 one of the first 28nm mobile processors (along with Qualcomm’s MSM8960) to enter production," added Krewell.

The analyst pointed out that such a late arrival of the part would force a delay on Apple’s previously annual processor upgrade cycle. Apple devices are currently based on the A4, a chip fabricated by Korean electronics giant Samsung.

Apple and Samsung have fallen out in recent months with patent-related legal action underway in several countries worldwide.

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