20 times the performance at a tenth of the power

‘Hybrid memory cube’ could be future RAM breakthrough

Memory manufacturer Micron demonstrated potential future DRAM technology direction at the Hot Chips conference in the United States, according to a Tom’s Hardware report.

A new multi-layer technology dubbed ‘hybrid memory cube’, or HMC, which stacks layers of memory in such a way that the short paths of interconnects through the device can result in not only higher data density but much higher data throughput.

Micron demonstrated a device that was capable of transfer rates of the order of 128 gigabits per second, far in excess of the speeds of standard DRAM. The firm said that the technology has the potential to deliver 20 times better performance while using just a tenth of the power.

The company didn’t discuss how far along the technology is towards commercialisation but reportedly chose to frame the demonstration as a discussion of a technology that could break through the impending performance wall of current RAM technologies.

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