Reckons consumers want Windows 8 and ultrabooks

Acer changes mind on ultrabooks, says ‘tablet fever’ is on the wane

Acer chairman JT Wang claimed that ‘tablet fever’ is subsiding as consumers return to notebook PCs, attracted by upcoming products such as Intel’s ultrabooks and Windows 8.

Wang’s comments, as quoted by the DigiTimes, are something of a mixed message given the Acer boss lumped the super thin ultrabook category in with tablets as a category he described as a ‘fad’.

Wang claimed that the firm’s own surveys had shown that consumers were drawn to technology that isn’t even out yet though he took the opportunity to mention that Acer is to launch their own ultrabook in September.

The comments provide the strongest evidence yet that Intel’s visit to Taiwan to drum up support from the major notebook manufacturers has been successful. In addition to cajoling manufacturers to keep pricing low, Intel reportedly offered cuts on chipset pricing to the top vendors which would certainly include Acer.

The reversal in the firm’s view of the ultrabook category resulted in Acer president Jim Worn claiming that 25 to 35 per cent of the firm’s notebooks would be ultrabook products by the end of next year.

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