Drastically improved file copy and collision resolution

Windows 8 to offer long overdue file copy overhaul

Microsoft engineers said that Windows 8 will update basic file copy operations which the firm said had "not improved substantially in a long time."

In a new post on the Buildings Windows 8 blog, Windows chief Steven Sinofsky said that the "increasing amount of local storage measured in terabytes, containing photos (in multiple formats and very large files), music, and video, these common operations are being taxed in new ways."

The software giant’s Windows engineering boss Alex Simons described the existing Windows 7 file copy system as "pretty cluttered and confusing," adding that the firm had an opportunity to improve the system in the upcoming Windows 8.

Among the new changes are improvements in the UI such a single place to view the progress of file copies, to pause copies underway and even to view fancy throughput graphs for the performance obsessed.

Conflict resolution, eg. copying something to a folder with the same name, is also set for an overhaul. The system will offer thumbnail views of conflicting files which can be clicked for more information and tick boxes enable keeping both versions by changing the destination filename.

"All of this adds up to building a significantly improved copy experience, one that is unified, concise, and clear, and which puts you in control of your experience," said Simons.

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