Microsoft uses new blog to explain engineering process

Windows 8 to support USB 3.0

Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 will offer ‘robust’ native support for USB 3.0 according to a blog post on the new Building Windows 8 blog.

One of the important roles Windows plays as part of a broad ecosystem is developing support for new hardware," said Microsoft’s Windows chief Steven Sinofsky.

"This is a pretty involved process and so for this post we wanted to take a look at supporting USB 3.0, something we know everyone is anxious to be using because of the improvements it brings."

In a detailed post on the Building Windows 8 blog, Microsoft engineers laid out plans to implement USB 3.0 while avoiding potential conflicts with existing USB devices. The software giant added that by 2015, all PCs are expected to offer USB 3.0 ports and that 2 billion ‘superspeed’ USB devices would be sold in that year.

The advantages of USB 3.0 support aren’t merely the 10-fold speed increase, Microsoft said. The firm said new ‘low power’ states combined with the standard’s ability to complete tasks more quickly and power down meant that USB 3.0 is more power efficient.

"This translates to longer battery life for notebooks and less power consumption for desktops," Microsoft said.

Microsoft posted a demonstration video of how much faster USB 3.0 is than the older standard. See it at the Building Windows 8 blog.

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