Because the internet beats conversation

Free Wi-Fi for London pubs

BT are to team up with brewing giant Heineken to offer free Wi-Fi at nearly 100 London locals with plans to extend the service to 200 across the UK by the end of next year.

Through the Wi-Fi connection customers will be able to access exclusive content at the Heineken Hub’ which will include content from online venture ‘i’, described as a sister magazine of The Independent.

"Using Wi-Fi to deliver free and exclusive content, Heineken is engaging and exciting pub goers and will undoubtedly increase business. It’s an exciting time to be involved in hospitality marketing," said BT Openzone boss Chris Bruce.

Does free Wi-Fi herald a new age of people standing silently in their local boozer staring intently at their mobile phones? We’re not sure the appearance of new ‘Google cheats’ looks set to become an increasing threat to the beloved pub quiz.

How long before "No Wi-Fi here" signs appear?

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