Eidos action RPG prequel arrives this Friday

Critical acclaim for Deus Ex: Human Revolution

The third game in Eidos’ critically acclaimed Deus Ex series has been released in the US and will go on sale in Europe this Friday.

One of the most keenly anticipated gaming sequels has arrived to fanfare of rave reviews by the specialist press. The Eidos Montreal developed action RPG is a prequel to the original 2000 Deus Ex which has since been regarded as a gaming classic.

Indeed Metacritic indicates that the 2011 reboot of the franchise is racking up scores closer to the original with a Metacritic rating of the PC version of the game of 88%, a whisker off the 90% of the original and well above the ‘merely great’ 80% of 2003’s Deus Ex: Invisible War.

Destructoid said that the Deus Ex reboot was "everything a fan of Deus Ex could want in a game," adding that it managed "the arduous task of living up to the legacy, standing next to its 2000 predecessor and holding its head up in pride."

"Human Revolution provides a level of quality that only the most adamant cynic could fail to be impressed by," wrote Destructoid reviewer Jim Stirling. The site awarded the game 9.5 out of 10.

Eurogamer’s Tom Bramwell gave Deus Ex: Human Revolution 9/10, concluding:
"It just wants to be played with and enjoyed – and when you finish, you just want to play with it again."

"A dark, cool and beautiful revival of an incredible game. smart, substantial, funny, creative, and endlessly entertaining," said PC Gamer, awarding the Eidos game 92%.

Deus Ex is out now in the US on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms, Thursday in Australia and Friday for Europe.

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