Offers free Windows Phone handsets and training

Microsoft moves to snap up abandoned WebOS developers

Microsoft has stepped in to snap up developers cut adrift as HP axed WebOS hardware devices, offering mobile app developers free Windows Phone 7 devices , tools and training.

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 chief Brandon Watson tweeted an invitation to ‘published’ WebOS developers: "We’ll give you what you need to be successful on Windows Phone, including free phones, dev tools, and training, etc."

Watson said that he had fielded hundreds of emails from WebOS developers and also fired off a number of Twitter replies to would-be Windows Phone developers, highlighting ongoing Microsoft training events for the upcoming Mango update of Windows Phone and reiterating the offer of Windows Phone handsets to develop on.

The Windows Phone chief didn’t just field enquiries from ex WebOS developers but also developers from Apple’s market-leading iOS developer army.

iOS developer Kevin Renskers asked Watson "How does development compare to iOS? Docs, tools, framework, simulator, etc. I’m interested to port my 3 iPhone apps to #wp7."

"I think you will find that the tools are better, though the language is a style/preference thing," Brandon replied.

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