It's all or nothing apparently

Firefox to dump version numbers

Firefox’s version system is taking on the appearance of a broken clock, either rapidly leaving ahead a major revision every few weeks or, as Mozilla chiefs would have it, not moving at all.

"We’re moving to a more Web-like convention where it’s simply not important what version you’re using as long as it’s the latest version," said Mozilla Firefox product manager Asa Dotzler.

The browser developer intends to remove the browser version number from the customary ‘About’ dialog although it will be available elsewhere. Instead the browser will inform users whether or not they are running the latest version.

The mooted change has created a storm of controversy around an already contraversial versioning scheme.

Browser developer David G said: "I don’t claim that showing the version number is the most important thing in the world, just that the about dialog is where it belongs and trying to change that feels to some of us like a fight is being picked that doesn’t need to be."

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