Lenovo says comparison is unfair

Apple’s China sales surpass home brand Lenovo

Apple’s sales in China have overtaken that of home brand Lenovo, underlining the rise in popularity of Apple devices in the burgeoning economy.

Lenovo is China’s market leading PC builder and sales have hardly been stagnating with a record 23.4 per cent growth year on year.

A Financial Times report pegged Apple’s sales in the greater China region, including Hong Kong and Taiwan at $3.8 billion, up an astonishing 600 per cent.

Lenovo’s mainland China business was worth $2.8 billion but doesn’t include the island territories of Hong Kong and Taiwan. Analysts quoted by the FT said that this business would not make up the $1 billion shortfall.

PC maker Lenovo said that the comparison wasn’t valid because Apple is in the mobile phone business where as Lenovo’s main business is in selling PCs.

Lenovo chief Yang Yuanqing said that the Chinese PC builder had extended market share in the last quarter by 2.3 per cent to 31.7 per cent.

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