Sennheiser works with Counterstrike team for new headset

New gaming headset alters to your head

Sennheiser have teamed up with World Champion Couterstrike team mTw to produce their new headset, the PC 320. For PC gamers exclusively, it attempts to create a more comfortable and lifelike sounding play experience.

For their users it tries to give them the highest possible chance of winning, as well as hearing enemies, due to the new detailed sound Sennheiser’s headset gives out enabling gamers to hear the footsteps of their competitors.

A pro noise-cancelling microphone is also a new feature, which means that if there is background noise when a gamer is speaking through a microphone, the background noise is cancelled out, so that only the voice of the gamer can be heard.

While in the heat of the game, sweating can be unavoidable and headsets usually worsen it. But the new innovative design allows air flow in and out of the ear area to cancel out any overheating, and beside the CircleFlex Earcups, a new Sennheiser creation that can instantly adjust to the gamers’ ears, making these headsets more comfortable to stay in for the long-haul gaming marathons.

Primary controls have moved from the cable to the ear cup, “it’s natural human behaviour to move our hands up to our ears when we need to hear better. Therefore the ear cup is a natural location for the most vital sound controls.” Says Christian Ern, Product Manager at Sennheiser Communications.

The PC 320 will be available from Q4 2011 onwards.

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