Still banned in Germany but can now be sold in the UK

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 ban suspended

The German court has suspended the early injunction granting a ban on the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 throughout the EU including the UK.

The district court of Düsseldorf has not lifted the preliminary injunction but rather has suspended the order given concerns that the court does not have the sufficient jurisdiction to ban the sale of a device throughout the EU.

The court initially granted the injunction as a result of Apple’s claims of design-related patent infringement. There’s no indication that the move has anything to do with the substance of the claim, or that it is related to recent revelations that Apple manipulated the image of the Samsung tablet in order to appear more like the iPad.

The ban remains in place within Germany where the court is confident of powers to ban the sale of devices.

Patent analyst Florian Mueller said that the move signaled "a pretty good chance" that the suspension of the injunction would lead to at least a partial reversal of the preliminary injunction at a hearing due next week.

The tablet has yet to appear widely in retail with most outlets still listing the Android device as a pre-order item. Vodafone earlier suspended preorders and now lists the device as ‘coming soon’.

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