"Dialog about the complexities and trade-off of development"

Microsoft launches Building Windows 8 blog

Software giant Microsoft has launched a new Building Windows 8 blog which the firm described as an "open dialog with those of you who will be trying out the pre-release version over the coming months."

Microsoft Windows division boss Steven Sinofsky said that Windows 8 "reimagines Windows for a new generation of computing devices" and that the firm intends to post regularly throughout the development of Windows 8 to focus on the "engineering of the product."

"Rather than generating traffic or building excitement, this blog is here to provide a two-way dialog about the complexities and tradeoffs of product development," blogged Sinofsky.

Sinofsky acknowledged that developers, IT pros and gamers "all want to know what’s new for them," adding that the firm intended to take the time to cover as many of the topics of concern to potential users.

"We know that blogging about Windows 8 will bring out the passionate opinions of many people, including members of our team," wrote Sinofsky.

"We’ll also make mistakes and admit it when we do. It is almost certain that something will hit a nerve, with the team or with the community, or both, in the blog posts or in the product, or both," he added.

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