Calls young people restless and short on attention span

Gartner research points to “social media fatigue”

Gartner Research reported that younger internet users were "restless and short on attention span" as well as showing signs of "social media fatigue".

Gartner surveyed 6,295 respondents, asking them about their use of and opinions about social media sites with the aim of examining usage trends and how enthusiastic users were about social media in general across a range of countries.

The research found continued enthusiasm for social networking with 37 percent of respondents saying they were using their favorite site more. This group tended to represent those in younger age groups and more tech-savvy segments, Gartner said.

Somewhat confusingly, Gartner differentiates between young people and what the firm calls ‘aspirers’ which Gartner describes as "younger, more mobile, brand-conscious consumers".

The distinction is important because the so-called "aspirers" were said to be showing signs of getting bored with social networking.

Drilling down into the reasons for using social networking sites less than when they first signed up, Gartner said a third were concerned about online privacy.

"The level of consumer concern around privacy will require ongoing vigilance for brands concerning customer opt-in and education," said Gartner analyst Charlotte Patrick..

"Lessons should be learned from the likes of Facebook as they test the boundaries of consumer tolerance in search of more revenue,"

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