VIDEO: NSFW, Apple fan savages new OS update

Apple Mac OS X Lion ‘worst thing ever’ rants fan

Self described Apple fan Alex Krasny posted an angry YouTube impression of Mac OS X Lion upgrade, concluding: "I f#$king hate it."

Before he even got to the new update itself, Krasny described the digital experience of Lion’s exclusively digital distribution system as far from smooth. Plagued with "Unable to download, check your internet connection," Krasney said it took four days to download the update.

When the update was finally downloaded Krasney was met with another error message: "Unable to install, your download may have been tampered with." Again turning to Google to research the installation problems, the fix is to delete everything, restart the Mac and redownload the OS update.

On the third download the OS update installed. Sarcastically describing Apple’s Mac App Store upgrade experience: "Wow, that was sweet," he said.

Detailing the installation problems was only the beginning of a long litany of complaints he had with Lion, starting with the baffling reversal of the mouse-wheel scroll behavior.

"Isn’t it just like Steve Jobs to shove something down your f#$king throat when you don’t want it."

See the 14 minute video below. Beware the video features frequent colourful language:

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