?150m already allocated for network blackspots

?530 million rural broadband fund unveiled

The UK Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt announced a £530 million fund to bring superfast broadband to remote areas of the UK with substandard access.

Rather than targeting population centers, Hunt said that the money would be allocated to target network blackspots leftover after commercial operators had roled out fibre-optic broadband.

Of the £530 million, £150 million has been committed to regions in England and Whales with £4.4 allocated to Northern Ireland.

The £530 war chest is the result of diverted funding for the BBC and a further £300 million is to be added some after 2015.

Telco giant BT said that if the firm wins contracts to install broadband as part of the goverment rural broadband war chest then BT will match the funds with equal investment.

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