Website launches to process retail upgrade cards

Intel unveils more software upgradable processors

Intel has launched a software CPU upgrade site which will allow owners of systems with particular Intel Core i3 and G processors to unlock additional features via software and an ‘upgrade card’.

Intel initially trialled the upgradable processor idea with the Pentium G6951 in September last year. The upgrades were sold as retail ‘cards’ with a pin number on them. Downloading software and entering the pin number would unlock an extra 1MB of cache (from 3MB) and Hyper-Threading.

Now Intel’s retail upgrades web site describes a similar process for the Intel Core i3-2312M, Core i3-2102 and Pentium G622 Processor. A benefits page described performance improvements between 10 and 23 per cent for a range of different tasks.

After running the software tool the processors change model number to reflect the new capabilities. Intel said the upgrade enabled customers to experience "Better performance for photo, video, and music tasks" and better "responsiveness for everyday PC activities."

The price of the upgrade cards is not yet known.

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