Panasonic, Xpand 3D, Samsung and Sony form Full HD 3D Glasses Initiative

Vendors team up to create universal 3D standard

A number of consumer electronics vendors have teamed up to create a universal standard for 3D glasses.

Panasonic, Samsung, Xpand 3D and Sony announced that they will be collaborating on developing and licensing 3D glasses technology that incorporates both radio frequency (RF) and infrared (IR) protocols.

The project, which will be called the Full HD 3D Glasses Initiative, will begin development of the new standardised technology from the beginning of September and will design the new technology to be backwards compatible.

“We hope the expanded collaboration on this 3D standardization initiative will make a significant contribution toward accelerating the growth of 3D-related products,” said the general manager of the media and content alliance office of Panasonic’s corporate R&D division, Masayuki Kozuka.

However, the move may be a little too late, as Toshiba recently released a glasses-free 3D laptop – albeit with a host of health warnings.

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