Cloud gaming service will debut during Eurogamer Expo London next month

OnLive to hit UK September 22nd

OnLive will launch in the UK on September 22nd, during the Eurogamer Expo London show.

It has already launched in the US, and has managed to rally widespread support from games publishers.

100 top-tier games will be instantly available, and the firm will be handing out thousands of free OnLive consoles at the launch.

The cloud gaming service works through a mini-console connected to a TV, directly through a PC, or through smartphone and tablet apps. The visuals are streamed to the user, while the actual computing is done on powerful servers around the world. The firm claims it will "utterly transform gaming in the UK."

Most broadband connections in the UK will run it, according to the firm. We understand the service will require at least 2MB per second free.

The data crunching is done on ‘2013 spec’ servers it had purpose build by Dell. BT has been involved in implementing the service onto the UK internet infrastructure.

Essentially removing the need for any physical media, locally stored files, or a decent gaming computer, OnLive has been tipped as a potential disruptive influence on the gaming industry.

In an interview with PCR CEO, founder and president of OnLive Steve Perlman did say he would look to work with consoles such as the Xbox 360 and PS3 – though their 2005 architecture means they are ‘getting long in the tooth.

He went on to say games publishers feel ‘very, very constrained’ with the current console generation, and questioned the mass appeal of the forthcoming Wii U.

To find out all you need to know about the OnLive system and what it will mean for the gaming market, click here to read our full interview with Steve Perlman.

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