Follows Apple ban of in-app ebook stores

Amazon bypasses iTunes with web based Kindle Cloud Reader

Amazon has launched a multiplatform web application for reading and buying e-books in a web browser including on iOS devices such as the iPad.

Performing the same function as Amazon’s Kindle application, the Kindle Cloud Reader is a HTML5 application which synchronizes with the users existing Kindle library. Also part of the web application is an implementation of the Kindle Store.

Amazon and other ebook sellers were recently forced by Apple to remove digital book stores from within their applications and indeed any link to a web store. Apple instead demanded that the books be offered through the iTunes App Store where Apple collects a 30 per cent cut of revenue.

"The flexibility of HTML5 allows us to build one application that automatically adapts to the platform you’re using – from Chrome to iOS," said Amazon Kindle boss Dorothy Nicholls.

"To make it easy and seamless to discover new books, we’ve added an integrated, touch optimized store directly into Cloud Reader, allowing customers one click access to a vast selection of books."

Kindle Cloud Reader is available for Safari on iPad, Safari on desktop and Chrome from Amazon’s Cloud Reader web site.

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