If it's a fad, Acer wants some of the action anyway

Acer ‘ultrabook’ pictures leaked

Leaked images of Acer’s upcoming ‘ultrabook, the Aspire 3951, have appeared on a Vietnamese web site.

While Acer boss Stan Shih reportedly described Intel’s ultrathin MacBook Air-inspired ultrabook concept a ‘fad’, it seems the manufacturer is hoping some of the fad followers go their way, specifically towards the ultrathin Acer Aspire 3951.

Vietnamese technology enthusiast site Sohoa posted an image gallery of what look like marketing material shots for the 13.3-inch screen notebook which also measures just half an inch or 13mm thick and weighs less than 1.4kg.

Also claimed is the ability of the device to wake from sleep in just 1.7 seconds and battery life of more than 8 hours. The cost of the ultrabook isn’t known but Intel wants the devices to appear in retail for less than $1,000.

Sohoa said the Aspire 3951 would arrive in October in the local market. Check out the screenshots here.

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