Looters post pics of their swag on social networking sites

London riots: Police say Twitter arrests ahead

The Metropolitan police warned that twitter users could face charges for incitement to violence following the riots in London.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Stephen Kavanagh said "Social media and other methods have been used to organise these levels of greed and criminality" and some messages appearing were "inflammatory",

"That investigation is already under way and that is exactly the sort of thing we are looking at," DAC Kavanagh told a group of reporters in London.

BlackBerry messaging platform BBM is also in the spotlight as another mechanism used to coordinate the protests.

Incredibly at least one looter chose to post a twitpic posing with a swag of looted products which included DVD, videogames and electronic accessories.

"The ripping apart of people’s livelihoods and businesses is disgusting," said DAC Kavanagh. On looting he added that if social networking users told others to engage in criminal activity the police would move to "lock them up and make sure we get some speedy justice for Londoners."

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