Mobile devices revive consumer interest in HQ displays

IPS LCD to make desktop monitor come back

Manufacturers of computer monitors are set to ramp up production of displays with in-plane switching’ (IPS) panels.

Smartphone manufacturer adoption of IPS LCD displays is being credited as a driving force behind a reexamination of the advanced LCD display technology for larger desktop computer displays.

However some display manufacturers, cited in a a DigiTimes report, expressed doubt as to whether the more expensive technology would find a market in larger-screen devices and that benefits, such as a wider viewing angle, may not appreciated by consumers.

IPS is a more expensive LCD display technology due to being more complex and with lower manufacturing yields, however the technology has also done much to boost LCD image quality in smartphones.

An image quality arms race between competing technology such as Sony’s IPS-like Super LCD and Samsung’s AMOLED has placed the focus back on quality. High-end IPS panels are common in the tablet category lead by Apple’s own IPS-backed iPad.

While IPS panels might be too expensive for large screen desktops, the general trend towards better quality LCD displays looks almost certain to transfer from tablet devices into ultraportable notebooks with only slightly larger displays.

Despite the cost concerns on large-screen IPS displays, Mitsubishi and AOC have both released 23-inch IPS monitors and Viewsonic is soon to launching IPS products .

Pictured: AOC iF23 IPS panel monitor

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